Camp Diaries

Through the eyes of animals: What does the world look like to them?

Posted on Tue July 7, 2020.

What colours do they see?
How well do they see in the dark?
What can they see that we can't?

In this week's blog, Elly dives into the fascinating world of animal eyesight. Inspired by questions she often gets asked on safari, she goes on to reveal a few interesting facts about the animals you might just have at home...

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How elephants communicate: A whole new world of secret conversations

Posted on Wed June 24, 2020.

WARNING: By reading the following article, you are at risk of having your mind blown...

From the powerful, high-pitched trumpets and roars that echo throughout the landscape to the tender, low-frequency rumbles of a mother comforting her baby; elephants communicate in many different ways.

Here, Elly dives into the fascinating world of elephant communication and discovers that these gentle giants may just be talking about us behind our backs...

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Focus on Research: An interview with Dr Michelle Henley, Director of Elephants Alive

Posted on Sun June 21, 2020.

Dr Michelle Henley is the Co-founder, Director & Principal Researcher for research team of Elephants Alive, which was founded in in 2003 under its previous title of Save the Elephants – South Africa.

Since then, Michelle has spearheaded the collection of over two decades of ground-breaking data on African elephants, with the aim of helping to secure their future on the continent and promote harmony between humans and elephants.

Recently, Elly caught up with Michelle for a fascinating chat about her time spent researching elephants in Africa, recapping some of her most memorable moments in the field and the lessons we have to learn from these gentle giants.

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Focus on Birds: The ever-observant Oxpecker!

Posted on Sun June 14, 2020.

"What's that bird sitting on the animals?"
This is a question we get asked regularly as guides when our sharp-eyed guests notice that some of the wildlife are seemingly carrying around a few feathered hitchhikers.

I love this question as it allows me to launch into my favourite facts and stories about these resourceful little birds: the oxpeckers.

As scientists delve deeper into the world of these avian anomalies, we are learning more and more about their relationships with other, larger animals and the unique niche they fill in their environment.

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More Klaserie Sands Safari Trivia to play at home!

Posted on Fri June 12, 2020.

We have been running a weekly, interactive Safari Trivia on our Facebook and Instagram stories since the lockdown began and it is proving to be extremely popular!

So, we thought we would give you the questions to run your own trivia game at home with your family or friends. Some of the questions are easier than others, but there's no doubt that you will learn something new by the end!

Get your players to write down their answers so you can add up their score at the end. The correct answers are at the bottom of the page. Good luck!

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