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Elephant bull on safari in South Africa
How the elephant got its skin and other real-life 'Just So' stories

Rudyard Kipling's 'Just So' children's stories are among some of the British author's best-known works. Written back in 1902, these classics originally began as bedtime stories for his daughter and describe how animals came to acquire some of their most notable features. Inspired by these literary tales, Elly has put together a series of real-life 'Just So' stories, based on some ground-breaking scientific discoveries, to tell you exactly why some of your...

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White-backed vulture perches in tree
Focus on Birds: Vultures, the unsung heroes of the bush!

Vultures are certainly not cute and cuddly, their apparent forboding of death giving them a rather sinister appeal. But these birds are actually extremely valuable and essential members of a healthy ecosystem and play a pivotal role in preventing the spread of nasty diseases in other animals. Here, we delve into the fascinating lives of vultures and discover how they eavesdrop on other birds to find food, why they are able to...

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Honeymoon couple on safari in South Africa
5 reasons to choose an African safari for your honeymoon

You've uttered your "I dos", opened all of the wishing-well cards and finally started to sink into that "Wow, I can't believe my wedding day happened so quickly!" feeling. But now, one of the best bits of your married life is about to begin: the honeymoon.

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