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A predator-packed game drive to end 2019 with a bang!

It was the last game drive of the year and we set out with a great deal of excitement and apprehension for what was to come. Little did we know, we were in for a predator-packed surprise...

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Kruger Walking Safari
5 Reasons to go on a Walking Safari

If I asked you to imagine a typical African safari, no doubt your minds would conjure up images of khaki Land Cruisers adorned with tourists peeping over the telescopic lenses of their cameras at fat-bellied lions lounging in the grass. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot to love about vehicle-based safaris - not least the intimacy and closeness of the wildlife encounters that guides are able to produce. Over time, the...

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Best safari lodge food
Chef Steven's Famous Fudge Recipe

There's nothing like a delicious sweet treat in the afternoon before an action-packed game drive. Our chefs are also talented bakers and love to indulge our guests with some of their favourite sweet recipes! Loved Steven's fudge during your visit to Klaserie Sands? He's shared his long-withheld recipe so that you can have a taste of Klaserie Sands in your very own home.

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